5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Career

Starting a new career isn’t easy for fresh graduates or those re-entering the workforce. How you begin your career journey greatly determines if it will be a success or failure. Besides your excellent scores in class, recruiters are also interested in positive character traits. For most people, the question is ‘how do I get there?’. Below are the 5 best tips to kickstart your career.

Network and Find Mentors

Make connections with professionals on your path regardless of your current status to jump-start your career journey. Seek out an individual who has excelled in your industry of interest as your mentor; to teach and guide you. Whether it’s professional associations, conferences, seminars, volunteering or through any social opportunity, the network you create puts you ahead of other job applicants.

With time, you’ll have contacts in the companies or organizations you intend to apply to. This will be an added advantage since the recruiter already knows you and why you are perfect for the job.

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Learn New Skills.

Once you land yourself a new career, you will realize that there exists a gap with the previous one. However, this isn’t a challenge as it might appear. Learn and acquire skills through research, attending workshops or enrolling for classes. Getting additional skills equips you with in-demand skills for your new industry. Thus, putting you in a better position to have a satisfying career. Make your career kickstarting enjoyable by keeping an open mind because opportunities can lead you to unexpected places.

Do Internship or Volunteer jobs.

Internship and volunteer jobs are a perfect way to add your work experience. Internships and volunteer jobs aim to help you discover your skills and gain hands-on experience. Since you’re not limited to an official role, there is a greater opportunity for you to explore your skills within various departments. Work experience gained from internship and volunteer could give you an advantage over other candidates. Internship and volunteer programs build your confidence, self-reliance, and most importantly allows you to develop positive traits that recruiters look for.

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Create your Portfolio

Nowadays, professional recruiters are embracing online platforms when searching for qualified candidates. Create your online profile demonstrating your skills and capabilities. With an online presence, you are sure to publish your works and extend your reach. Take your career kickstarting a notch higher by setting up notifications on your email to notify you about the opportunities that you might be interested in. What’s more, the online portfolio allows you to easily interact and network with professionals from the comfort of your home.

Try New Things.

If you’re still in school and haven’t discovered your passion yet, it’s wise if you explore new things. Engage in activities that will naturally bring out your potential. If you’re overwhelmed, feel free to seek advice from your mentor, career coach, lecturer or family members to help you choose the career that suits you. That’s why you need people to kickstart your career and move to the next level. Always remember that life isn’t all about career hunt- explore and participate in events around you.

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Whether you’re a recent graduate or uncomfortable with your current position, getting a new job can be overwhelming. Having the right strategy is a perfect way to kickstart your career. Start by setting your goal or target, planning the course of action, and of course finding ways to keep focused and stick to your plans. Although unemployment rates remain high, jobs are available if you possess certain skills that recruiters are looking for. Follow the above tips and you will be sure to land these opportunities.