Study And Work In United Kingdom

Working while studying in the UK

The United Kingdom has some of the highest-ranked universities and colleges on the planet. The universities have an undisputed reputation for academic excellence. This, therefore, makes the country attract hundreds of thousands of students from across the world. Besides, the education system in the country makes students well rounded as well as excellent performers in their respective fields. However, some students might find the cost of studying too high for them. Therefore, the question as to whether you can study and work in the United Kingdom just as a way of supplementing your finances may arise. Well, before we look at this deeper, let’s first have a glance of reasons for studying in the UK.

Great reasons to study in the UK

Studying in the UK is one of the greatest decisions to make as a student. It has numerous benefits. In the current competitive economy, employers want high-quality workers with specific skill sets. Therefore, learning in the UK provides you with those qualities and skills necessary for you to succeed in your respective field. Studying in the UK helps you develop excellent language skills, especially in English, which is an essential language in the global business. Also, you’ll get the chance to interact with different cultures from the world. UK universities understand the value of cultural diversity and encourage it all times.

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Working while studying in the UK

Other than the quality of education offered, the UK also provides hundreds of job opportunities for her students. However, it’s important to note that there are some jobs that you can’t do on your student visa cards. This limitation shouldn’t discourage you as there are endless jobs that you can still do either part-time or full time.

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Part-time jobs

Usually, part-time jobs are job times that offer a few hours of work per week. In such workplaces, the employees are entitled to work in shifts or rotations. This option is usually ideal for students as it allows them to have some time for their classwork. Plus, working as a part-timer enables the student to acquire and develop new communication skills hence improving their English. The UK has a wide variety of part-time jobs to choose from. These include coffee shop barrister, clothing sales assistant, bar and restaurant attendant, pizza delivery, gardener, photographer, newspaper distributor, customer service agent, and research assistant, among others. In most cases, these jobs are usually easy to find, and payment isn’t that bad.

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Full-time jobs

The UK rarely allows students to work full time. The work law enacted in 2012 prohibits work-related visas after graduation unless you switch from student visa to work permit. However, students from the European Union are allowed to work fulltime after graduation, though under some specific restrictions. Nonetheless, there are a lot in the future, especially with the Brexit laws.

Types of jobs you aren’t allowed to do

While the primary reason for your stay in the UK is to study, the government still allows you to work on casual employment. Despite studies, your visa can still allow you to work within specified limits. Therefore certain jobs you aren’t allowed to partake includes doctor, self-employment, business, professional sportsmanship, among others.