The World’s 10 Best Cities to Live in

There is nothing as good as living in a city that has all the amenities you’ve always admired. This will make your life quick easier as you’ll find yourself engaging in activities that develop you. This is because you will not have to worry about a lot of things, such as getting sick and lacking proper medical care as it will be taken care of, among other benefits of such. In this article, I will be discussing in detail the word’s 10 best cities to live in and why I would encourage you to settle in either of them.

Vienna, Austria

It’s the best livable city in the world. It has the best medical care for its people. It offers the best security to its people whereby it’s hard to hear cases of terrorism there. It’s also a deep-rooted cultural heritage. It has galleries and museums of international reputation. It also has a mixture of traditional architectural buildings and modern buildings that make it stand out.

Melbourne, Austria

Melbourne is ranked 2nd most livable city in the world. This is because it has a world-class infrastructure that makes it outstanding. Melbourne has some of the best universities around the world that produce the best professions in various fields around the world. It has a high quality private and public hospitals that make the city to have a high life expectancy. It also has beautiful sceneries of parks that are beautifully decorated such as Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens.

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Vancouver, Canada

The city is surrounded by mountains and ocean which makes it super-nationally beautiful if you take a view from any vantage point. Unlike other cities around the world where you find suburbs are meant for living while downtown it’s for working, its downtown infrastructure is polished well to an extent that you can like and still work there. Hence you just have to commute using a bicycle to your workplace.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a safe place to live in. You’ll even find children going to school alone which is not the case in most cities. Tokyo has one of the best public transport. If trains happen to delay even for ten minutes you’ll be sent an apology ticket. If it takes longer than that you’ll be reimbursed your money back. It’s also cheap to eat a good meal in a decent restaurant unlike in other cities around the world that are very expensive.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto city is the biggest city in Canada, it’s one of the best places to live in. It has many government offices which make it offer a lot of job opportunities for its population. You’ll also find that it has a diverse cultural heritage with people from all over the world some of whom came as immigrants searching for education but end up working here. It’s also a place where you can watch live music performance like at Budweiser Stage. It has a lot of incubation centers which make it a global business as well as a financial hub.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has some of the best designer clothing boutiques that make it outstanding. It also has a lot of cultural events that feature music as well as art festivals. It also has one of the favorite Danish dish popularity known as new Nordic cuisine around the world. It’s also environmental friendly since most people prefer riding bikes which don’t emit a lot of carbon to the environment.

Adelaide, Australia

This city has one of the best healthcare systems around the world. It’s also one of the safest cities around the world you can live in due to its low level of the crime rate. It has some of the best universities, which make people especially parents get attracted to this city since they’re guaranteed of a better education for their children. Also, it has some of the best tourist attraction sites.

Calgary, Canada

This is one of the best cities you would like to like in. It has the best sewerage system, cleanest water for drinking, as well as the least pollution. This makes it the cleanest city around the world. It also has the lowest taxes which can make your business venture very profitable while running it here. You’ll even get the services of a family doctor which is very hard to find in other cities.

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Osaka, Japan

Osaka city has one of the efficient transport systems that include underground and over-ground electric trains, buses, as well as a single tram line. It has some remarkable historical sites that even include majestic castle some of which go back up to the 16th century. It also has some of the finest beaches such as Suma Beach which is very popular.

Sydney, Austria

Sydney is a city that balances a lot when it comes to urban development and maintaining nature. You’ll find that it has coverage of 49% of places such as parks, gardens, bushlands, as well as sporting grounds. You’ll also find that it has an efficient mode of transport that includes trains, buses, and ferries. Just like any other city it shares some low level of crime making it a safe place to live in.